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Many marketers and business owners encounter difficulties when creating engaging Instagram content. This could be because of poor understanding of their target audience or a good content generation strategy. When trying to decide the creative content that works best for your social media pages, here are some of the questions you need to answer as a marketer or business owner –

  • What is the purpose/mission of your brand/product?
  • Who are your target audience?
  • Are your target audience on Instagram?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • Are your competitors on Instagram?

Answering these questions will help you to create great and purposeful content for your Instagram business page.

Still feeling stuck? Here are some of my full proof Instagram content tips:

10 creative contents for your Instagram

1. Inspirational/motivational quotes or images

People love and need to see positive vibes every day.  Sharing positive quotes and images on your Instagram is a way to show that you care about your audience and you want to encourage them. It makes your business appear human. Making use of hashtags like  #mondaymotivation, #motivationalmonday, #Monday and others will ensure that your post gets seen by more people.

2. Post the best images of your brand/product/company

Your target audience needs to know your product/brand/company. Posting contents like this will help your audience understand your product or service more and be more likely to try it. Don’t forget to add the hashtags that will make your audience sight you once you post your content.

3. Post behind the scene shots

If your product has some behind the scene actions, showing the consumers the process involved in making their favourite product is definitely a nice touch.

4. Do live video(s) on your Instagram

Live videos can be done when your company is doing an important event. This is a great way to get your audience more involved in your activities.

5. User-generated Content (UGC)

What is UGC? User-generated contents as the name implies, are photos, videos, texts etc. that are created by customers/users themselves. A fantastic way to show authenticity and engage your audience is to encourage them to create pertinent contents which you will then share on your page.

6. Post images that appeal to your target audience’s emotions

Marketing is an emotional activity. Your content should appeal to your audience and possibly connect with them at an emotional level. That’s how you create a following.

7. Use the best captions/Texts that sells your brand

This is a very important and effective aspect of creating Instagram contents. A good caption tells your story, engages your audience and offers them insight into your product of reasoning behind the image you’ve just posted. It is also a great way to start conversations, especially when done properly with a call to action.

8. Make use of remarkable Dates and events.

Remarkable dates like World Health Day, World Friendship Day etc can be a very good anchor for your contents. When you post about trending topics and with the right hashtags, you are seen as being aware and involved and also easier to find by a larger audience.  

9. Use graphics to communicate to your audience

Your brand has its logo and colours. Using these often can make your audience recognize your brand more easily.

10. Tell a story about your brand/company

Everybody loves a good story and that’s what great content marketing is about. Find and share engaging stories and experiences that are pertinent to your brand.

In other to achieve all these more easily, creating a customized content calendar is a fantastic way to go.

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