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5 Marketing Ideas for December

December seems like a different month from the others, and that’s why it is important to tailor a marketing strategy for the December festive period. With the right marketing strategies executed in the month of December, you can give additional leverage to your brand growth before the upcoming year. Here are a few tips and […]

5 tips for a successful end-of-year party or kick-off event for your company

In December or even months before, it is best to brainstorm ideas with board members and employees on how to throw the most captivating end of the year party in your industry. No other event can make your partners and employees feel appreciated than a fascinating year party. Apply these tips to your event, and […]


So we thought we should take a break from educating you with our blog posts and give you a few details of our 10 years in business. We got into our 10 years of business on November 10th 2020. On this day we had a special Thanksgiving service in our office which we leveraged as […]

Ideas and Inspiration for Event Organizers in November

We are in November and Christmas is definitely around the corner, which means we have limited time to plan our events.A lot of businesses plan their events a few months before the festive season, but not every one of these businesses gets far ahead of the holidays.Regardless of the event you are hosing be it […]

10 Ways To Boost Your Social Media Online Presence

Today, social media has taken its rightful place in the world of marketing, and it is one of the main components used for brand awareness and visibility. According to Lori Rough, Social media is here, it’s not going away. Social media can produce waves of positivity for many businesses to increase brand awareness and raise […]

7 powerful videos you need for social media marketing

Social media videos are the most engaging content used to tell your brand’s story and then share it with interested viewers. Using various types of videos enable you to provide more value in different ways by connecting, and engaging different categories of audience within your reach. There are different types of social media videos you […]

3 Lessons We Learnt From Unlock Naija At 60

On October 1st in the year 2020, Nigeria turned 60. To celebrate our 60th year of freedom Tobems Media organized a closed mega-concert tagged “Unlock Naija At 60”. The concert took place at Madestics studio which lasted from 7:30 pm till 11:30 pm. This concert was a back to back series of educating and entertaining […]


Unlock Naija is a closed mega-concert that was held on October 1st 2020 by Tobems Media. The year 2020 has been a tough year for the entire world as Covid-19 came into existence and the world went on lockdown in April. Since then, everyone has been advised to stay at home, and a lot of […]

5 Reasons You Need A Digital Marketing Strategy

Majority of the companies believe they have strategies and plans, and putting these strategies into writing will create problems as the digital world keeps evolving and trends of today might become obsolete tomorrow. Here are a few reasons why they would benefit from planning a digital marketing strategy. 1. A written strategy guides you and […]

Seven Tips To Help A Beginner In Photography

By Opeyemi Obembe The word photography simply means the use of light and images, that is why it is defined by Wikipedia as an art, application and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either electronically by means of an image sensor, or chemically by means of a light-sensitive material […]