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Insights - March 22, 2019

Camera Marketing: The Marketing Frontier

Camera Marketing: The Marketing Frontier

Like I always say…some people like to read but everyone likes to see! Everything is showbiz and the camera is your audience especially as consumers are gaining more and more control over which content they are exposed to. When you give people a way to communicate visually, it sticks. 100% of smartphone users use their smartphones to take pictures, and about 52% of those people use their in-app cameras that make communicating visually easy to do — every single day.

Will I be jumping the gun if I declare that this is the era of Camera Marketing!

According to Carolina Arguelles, Head of AR Monetization and Product Strategy for Snap, “While the past 10 years have been about Social Media Marketing, the next 10 will introduce a new form of marketing — Camera Marketing. People everywhere are exploring the world through their camera and want to create content on behalf of brands because it’s fun, useful, or relevant.”

With the evolution of the miniaturized smartphone camera and its parity with digital standalone cameras, users and companies now have the ability to create an atmosphere for profitability by leveraging the empowered consumers habits.  Users are gaining more control over the marketing mix that companies are using to offer products.

One specific form of camera marketing, the use of augmented reality (AR), is quickly gaining traction, as demonstrated by Pokémon Go’s meteoric rise to 50 million users in the US in a matter of weeks. By blending the physical and digital worlds and enabling users to actively shape their experiences, AR offers unique ways for marketers to interact with consumers.

You can also rest assured that the further proliferation of camera marketing will only grow in its intersection with the ever expanding consumer friendly AR/VR App Space and dynamic digital infrastructure.

3 Rules to Make Camera Marketing work for your brand

1. Find where your business model can find efficiencies within Camera Marketing’s creative process.

2. Identify where your business fits into the AR/VR medium and your customers will participate in the conversation.

3. Be FLEXIBLE and realize that no ideas for curation are off the table.

Camera marketing makes It now possible to get together with a creative expert, create an immersive AR/VR experience, and transport someone inside an immersive experience for your brand.

If you haven’t started determining where your business fits into the practice of Camera Marketing and the AR/VR/Digital landscape, now is the time. 

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