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Insights - November 6, 2020

7 powerful videos you need for social media marketing

7 powerful videos you need for social media marketing

Social media videos are the most engaging content used to tell your brand’s story and then share it with interested viewers. Using various types of videos enable you to provide more value in different ways by connecting, and engaging different categories of audience within your reach.

There are different types of social media videos you can include in your marketing plan to inform, engage, educate, and entertain your target audience. Every business regardless of its niche needs to implement social media strategy in their marketing activities. Video is high engaging content and, the effects of video contents in marketing should not be overlooked. These are Seven powerful videos you need for social media marketing.

1. Live videos

We are aware that most social media platforms offer live stream functionality for their users e.g Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. This functionality is helpful for brands as it makes brands more visible while increasing engagement and promoting a connection with your target audience. 

2. Behind the scene videos

Most people love to see what is behind the beautiful adverts of products or service or even a brand. It is a way to show your audience your culture and style of communicating to them. It is also helpful for building trust with your audience as you connect with them through the whole process while revealing the quality of work done.

3. Event videos

Hosting an event or being part of a community event is a great thing, now telling the story to your audience is another powerful way of showcasing your brand. You can make use of live-streaming videos to showcase this event. Event videos allow you to welcome and thank viewers who showed up, showing the value of your event will play the role of increasing the number of your next viewers. When making an event video, labelling a video is paramount so that viewers can know what they are watching.

4. Tutorial/How-tos videos

Tutorial videos are videos that have a high rate of organic search online. Why? These videos demonstrate a process, transfers knowledge, explains a concept or shows someone how to do something. The videos are usually between 2-10 minutes long. Tutorial videos leverage more on multiple instructional methods, and the best platform for this type of video is YouTube.

5. Interviews and Q&As videos

Q&As or Informative interviews are a great way to communicate with your audience by engaging them and answering their disturbing questions. Host an interview with a leader (preferably a person that can serve as a mentor to viewers), customer, or an entrepreneur. Preparing your questions in advance is very important, you can also gather a few questions from your audience. A short Q&A also works well for solo videos where you speak directly to your followers and answer questions they’ve submitted.

6. Promotional videos

Most brands want to communicate more by making using of engaging content which helps to foster the relationship between you and your audience. On the other hand, making use of promotional videos add more value to your business. How? Promotional videos can help showcase your products and services. Whereas they shouldn’t be created to be a duplicate of a heavy-handed TV commercial, you can make it clear that the video is all about that product or services. Promotional videos should be kept short; maximum of 90 seconds, but it most effective when it is 30 seconds. Promotional videos should be fun, whether adding creative editing or a great song in the background. 

7. Announcement videos

Apart from using graphics to announce, making a video announcement is another result-driven content for your social media marketing. Your audience will love to be updated about it in video form. Video is a great medium to use for making announcements because you can accurately and easily show your excitement. Announcement videos should be kept short and simple.

Now that you have an idea of what video types will resonate with your audience, we hope you start putting out the right video contents and see better results.

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