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Insights - December 11, 2020

5 Marketing Ideas for December

5 Marketing Ideas for December

December seems like a different month from the others, and that’s why it is important to tailor a marketing strategy for the December festive period.

With the right marketing strategies executed in the month of December, you can give additional leverage to your brand growth before the upcoming year.

Here are a few tips and strategies you can include in your December marketing strategies.

  1. Host a (Socially-Distant or Virtual) Party & Giveaway: It isn’t a bad idea to extend your work time for an additional one-hour on an evening to invite your audience and partners to celebrate a successful year with you. This is a good way to ignite word of mouth marketing and build a solid relationship with your audience.
  1. Run a Holiday Instagram Giveaway: Instagram giveaway can be done anytime during the year but, giveaways are best done during the festive season because a lot of people will be ready and looking forward to accepting gifts at the end of the year and also there’s a concrete reason to do a giveaway. There should be a goal before a giveaway contest. The goal can be to grow followers or spread Christmas cheer and it’s the giveaway goal that will determine what the giveaway should be.
  1. Update Your Google My Business Listing: Google listing will help your business get searched on the search engine and December will be a good time to update all projects you have carried out during the year on your Google listing and also ask customers to give reviews.

Be sure to:

  • Verify your contact information
  • Update your holiday hours
  • Upload photos of your seasonal products and services
  • Create Offer and Event posts

4. Don’t Be Shy: Get Personal on Social: Get personal on social media by sharing live pictures of your business and employees celebrations on social media. This will enable your audience to get emotional about your business. 

5. Refresh your online reputation & get more reviews: A good reputation never fails a business. Ensure that you get reviews from all the customers you have delivered value to during the year. Take your time to get customers to review and ensure that they are updated on all your search engine listings.

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